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I also had a little bit of culture shock when I found a lizard in my room and my host sister did not freak out while taking it out because I was half crying. We have had a couple excursions so far and it is amazing getting to travel and experience this country. We visited the capital of Costa Rica which is San Jose and it was beautiful and so lively. I've ordered aqua con leche water with milk instead of coffee with milk..

I've ordered more than one "mystery meat" at the butcher! Some meals at a local soda Costa Rican local restaurant resembles nothing of which I thought I'd ordered.

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I've also tried to master the language and having thought I'd done so, realise that I know nothing! Back to the drawing board and more self-taught Spanish lessons. It is a way of life! The best advice I can give an expat for moving abroad, achieving satisfaction and having a successful and healthy transition is to leave behind everything you know to be "right" in your former country. Observe everyday life from the aspect of your fellow native people. Keep a VERY open mind! Learn the language and go about your day very much in the same manner as those that have come before you and live their life here fulltime.

Make as many local friends as you can but keep strong connections to homelife in your former country.

Cultureshock! Costa Rica by Claire Wallerstein

Expand your friendships to include expats for a sounding board when you become frustrated and need good solid advice. Don't take life too seriously and slow down! Life is short to begin with so try not to shorten it with moving to quickly or making quick judgements! Stop, listen, watch and learn! The opportunities are endless if you follow these simple steps! Housing, crime, health care and more are covered. An expat who has lived in Costa Rica gives all kinds of great advice on living there.

Cost of housing, what to bring with you, how to settle in and much more is covered in this comprehensive expat report. It's a good idea to rent before you buy in San Marcos, Costa Rica. Meet your neighbors, get advice on where to live and if they know of any homes for sale. And, bring any electronics you'll need, because the cost is double in Costa Rica.

Get a Quote. An expat in Mal Pais, Costa Rica provides a detailed culture shock report that offers a great example of someone who has learned to roll with the punches that come with expat life in a somewhat remote location.

Adjustments and Culture Shock

Covers everything from mosquitoes, to finding products from the local grocer, to getting your laptop repaired. And don't for get about the fruit bats and monkey poop! An expat in Matapalo, Costa Rica talks about living in this laid back beach town on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. He advises other newcomers to be prepared to blend in and slow down. Should you wear jeans and a t-shirt in San Jose?

Did you know that one place may have twice the rain and be windy compared to another place 10km away? Read our 10 Tips for Living in Costa Rica for insights from expats who have been there and done that. Costa Rica is a relatively safe, eco-friendly, expat-friendly destination with gorgeous beaches and friendly locals. Many expats say that housing and food prices in Costa Rica are high.

Culture Shock from Costa Rica (Travel Blog 25) Toronto, Canada

We've gathered information submitted by expats about Tamarindo, Dominical, Ojochal, Atenas, Escazu, Grecia and others popular towns. The majority of expats in San Jose, actually choose to live not in the city, but outside of it. There are great options in the surrounding area, including places that are closer to the coast than San Jose. From lower cost of living to affordable healthcare and beachfront living, expats discuss the top reasons they moved to Central America. From lower cost of living to affordable healthcare and beachfront living, expats discuss the top reasons they moved to Central America Privacy Policy Legal.

EE Costa Rica.

Costa Rica. When visiting a rural family, it is not at all unusual to find yourself loaded down with fruit as you leave, an honored custom. We have heard Ticos severely criticize a fellow Tico for not even offering a visitor a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, they tend to be difficult guests, especially if they bring their children. This may have to do with the rote eduction they receive in school. Therefore, the predominant attitude about car care is that functioning shock absorbers are an optional accessory and periodic maintenance is an unnecessary affectation. Until the Spanish firm of Riteve initiated honest annual inspections, Ticos ran their cars until something vital broke.

The strongest unit, despite countless cultural changes in the last decades, is still the Costa Rican family, extended in ways that most North Americans and Europeans find overwhelming.

This is a small country and no one lives far from anywhere, but the tendency is for them to seek one neighborhood, if possible one piece of property.